Eating Healthy While Couponing

Posted by on September 5, 2011

Eating Healthy While CouponingCoupons for food can sometimes be an unhealthy choice for your family. As this post will show there are healthy options for you and your family. Most of the coupons for food will be for brand new products. I have been tempted to buy the new Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Dinners for .75 cents each. $1.00/1 coupon and Wal-Mart sells these for $1.75. But, whoa, did you read the ingredients? Sodium is out of sight, not to mention that the container has 5 servings at over 500 calories each. Not everything I purchase with a coupon is “good” for you, but I try to weigh the options before the purchase. Example, I had 5 coupons for the brownie mix that I purchased the other day, I only used 2 of them. We don’t need 10 boxes of brownie mix sitting around waiting to be relocated on my hips. I have had dozens of coupons for Hamburger Helper, but it too is so bad for you and your family.

Also, for the first time in my couponing experience, I got coupons for Iron Kids and Sara Lee Bread. I was able to get Sara Lee Whole Grain White for .77 cents a loaf. I had five coupons and used them all. This bread freezes beautifully for up to a month in its wrapper or remove and place in airtight plastic wrap and foil for up to 6 months. I will use the Iron Kids coupons before they expire and rotate my frozen supply. Just take it out and let it thaw for about three hours at room temperature and it will taste fresh for about a week.

You won’t find a lot of coupons for frozen vegetables, but I have found that my local grocers have a 10 for 10 sale about once a month. That is the time to stock up. This week I found canned Libby’s vegetable for .59 cents each. So far I have purchased a case for the low price of $4.08. Using the coupon for $1.00/4. An excellent deal for canned veggies. I plan to go out today and use the other two coupons I have and get 8 more cans. Canned vegetables are not as healthy for you as frozen, but they are certainly better than the heart attack that Velveeta and Hamburger Helper have planned for you.

Make the choices that best suit you and your family. Remember fresh vegetables and fruits along with low calorie meats are the best choice for any family. Happy Couponing!

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